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Welcome to Telfair County Middle School

At TCMS we always strive to exhibit the 7 qualities of true TROJANS:

Be TEACHABLE.  Trojans recognize that education is the key to opening up doors to a better life.  Trojans are focused on learning what is taught and being the best that we can be.

Be RESPECTFUL.  Trojans understand that regardless of the circumstance respect should be shown to everyone because we treat others the way that we want to be treated.  Trojans keep quiet if we can’t be kind.

Be ORGANIZED.  Trojans understand that structure makes completing tasks easier.  Trojans know how to manage our time and set priorities.

Be JUST.  Trojans have solid moral character.  Trojans treat everyone fairly, regardless of who they are.

Be ADAPTABLE.  Trojans adjust and work through problems and changes without complaining or quitting. Trojans overcome adversity.

Be NOBLE.  Trojans exhibit the finest personal qualities and maintain high moral principles and ideals. Trojans strive to do what is right.

Be STRONG.  Trojans can weather any storm.  Trojans don’t let failures define us, we let them drive us towards greatness, and we hold our heads high no matter the result.

School News

Basketball State Championship Recognition Night

We are pleased to announce Basketball State Championship Recognition Night to be held at the TCHS gym on January 28, 2023 when the Trojans will be hosting Toombs County.  We will recognize the coaches and players of all schools that have won State Championships in Telfair County.  This includes all players and coaches of the following State Championship teams:

            1956  Rock Hill High School Trojans (girls)

            1958  McRae-Helena High School Blue Devils (boys)

            1960  Telfair County High School Trojans (boys)

            1961  Central High School Tigers (girls)

            1961  Central High School Tigers (boys)

The players and coaches of these teams will be recognized in between the girls and boys game on January 28, 2023.  The girl’s game starts at 3:00 p.m.  Please share the word about this special occasion as we honor these legendary teams from Telfair County.

Telfair County Schools Mobile App

Telfair County Schools is excited to introduce our new mobile application for our parents, students, and community members.  The mobile app will be used to deliver important school updates and announcements.  The mobile app also displays breakfast and lunch menus, school calendars, and athletic schedules.  The app is available for Apple and Android devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play.  Please click on the title to view more information about installing the app and turning on notifications.  Notifications must be turned on within the mobile app in order to ensure delivery of important school announcements.  In the future, the mobile app will be used for announcements rather than Facebook.

School Calendar